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How to Transport a Piano and Grand Piano in Toronto GTA ?

Moving upright piano
Upright piano

Transporting musical instruments like pianos and grand pianos requires special attention and a professional approach. Regardless of whether you possess physical strength or not, special straps, tools, and dollies are used for the safe and efficient transport of pianos. It is important to entrust this task only to professionals.

The average weight of a piano is around 200-300 kilograms, while a grand piano typically weighs between 300 and 500 kilograms. These instruments are not only heavy but also require special attention to detail during transportation.

When the need arises to transport a piano, many people begin to wonder: why hire special movers? Perhaps it's possible to manage on your own or simply rent a moving truck? However, transporting a piano is a much more complex task than it may seem at first glance. It requires experience and special equipment to guarantee the safety of the instrument and its surroundings.

During piano transportation, it is necessary to consider various factors such as narrow staircases, high thresholds, the absence of freight elevators and convenient access routes, traffic jams, and road vibrations. Only experienced riggers and movers can effectively handle these challenges.

In Toronto, piano and grand piano transportation is handled by 7 Moving Ltd. They provide professional services for transporting musical instruments using specialized equipment and experienced professionals.

Moving Baby Grand Piano
Baby Grand Piano

Trust the transportation of your piano or grand piano to the professionals at 7 Moving Ltd and be confident in the safety and reliability of this process.

Order piano transportation in Toronto GTA with movers by calling: 437 961-37-07 or visiting!


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